Installing Sod on a Slope: Why it is so Hard & How to be Successful

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  1. I liked that you had mentioned that when it comes to installing it that it can be important to have it done correctly. My wife and I are wanting to remove the turf from our yard and put in new sod. We’ll have to start looking around for a turf removal company and we’ll see if we can find a free one. We’ll also have to figure out how to install everything on our sloped hill.

  2. Wendy says:

    I agree. You cannot simply create grass on a hill by simple spreading it by hand. Grass plugs and sprigs help this way. Just be very careful upon installation. Spread your legs apart while working with the soil to help stabilized on the slope.

  3. Steele Honda says:

    Thanks for the tips and steps on how to ensure success when installing sod on a slope. My husband and I are trying to figure out how to do this while still keeping erosion under control. We’ll have to look into if any companies can help us with the installation and erosion control.

  4. Jeffrey Ferland says:

    I want to lay sod on a slope. It has been very difficult to grow grass in this area for a number of reasons. The existing soil is sandy. The slope gets a lot of direct sun and the grade of the slope is quite steep so water runs off. There is a tree at the top of the slope and its roots are taking water away from the grass.

    I am planning to put a layer of soil at least 4 inches thick of 2/3 Scotts lawn soil and 1/3 peat moss. I am planning on laying the sod horizontally in a brick pattern. I am not sure what type of sod (eg. grass variety) I can and should get and any other things I can do to increase my chances of growing grass in this location.

    Please advise.

    • Cameron Shimoda says:

      Hey Jeffrey,

      Thanks so much for your comment! Slopes are always tough to establish sod on. When you prepare your land, try to soften the slope as much as you can with a hard rake and the topsoil you’re using. If you can make the slope more gradual, it will be better for sod establishment as far as drainage is concerned. Trees can make things difficult too, competing for valuable resources with your new lawn, but you can’t do much about that. Consider using sod staples to secure the sod, and as we stated in the article, rolling can help immensely. As far as varieties of sod, I would aim for the fastest establishing variety if you have a choice, but Kentucky Bluegrass is usually a good bet depending on your geographical region.

      Let me know if you have any further concerns Jeffrey and thanks again,


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