Can You Install Sod in the Fall? Learn Why It’s a Great Idea!

Did you know that spring and early fall are some of the best times to install sod? Due to the warm weather, it is often thought that summer is the best time to install sod. This isn’t true! Sod can be installed any time throughout the growing season, which includes fall. If temperatures fall below freezing in your area, it is not a good idea to sod in the fall. There are a couple of factors to consider when installing sod in the fall.

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Fall is Usually Cooler Temperatures

Autumn is one of the best times to complete any lawn projects. This is because of the cooler temperatures that are typically associated with fall as well as the occasional rainfall. These cooler temperatures are preferable, as you have less risk of your sod overheating or drying out. You still have to water regularly, but there is less intense heat drying out your sod. You also need to use less water, as with the cooler temperatures, the water isn’t evaporating as quickly. This doesn’t mean that you cannot have success in the hotter, dryer months of the summer. You simply need to be more diligent with your watering and maintenance. In other words, if you are planning on going to the cottage every weekend in the summer, it is probably best to wait for the fall to sod your lawn!

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Timing Is Key

Timing is a bit more crucial in colder months than in the hot summer months. Sod takes up to 6 weeks to develop a strong root system. It takes around 2 weeks for a shallow root system to form. This means that you need to give your sod adequate time to form its root system. Give your sod at least 4-6 weeks to grow before the ground is expected to freeze. Once the ground is frozen, your sod will not be able to continue developing its root system.

Take the Extra Time

Fall is a great time to sod. Just be sure to take the extra time and plan ahead to ensure that your sod takes root before the ground freezes. Follow the same steps as you would when installing sod in warmer months. Here is our 7-step guide for easy sod installation. If you follow the steps, you can have a beautifully sodded lawn for the following spring!

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