Sod: The Only Ground Cover Solution

We all appreciate the beauty of a perfectly manicured lawn, like the one below. Many homeowners are under the misconception that laying sod is a lot of work in comparison to other ground cover solutions.

Sod Ground Cover Solution

People believe that seeding, artificial turf, or hydro-seeding will be the “Golden Ticket” to the perfect lawn. These other ground covers aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. There are many benefits to sod that make all of the work you put in well worth it. Look at the beautiful results achieved within a few weeks of sod installation!

Sod Ground Cover Solution

Seed is Much Harder Than Sod…

Seeding, at first glance, can seem like an easier alternative to sodding. While it may sound simple to throw down a bit of soil with some seed and call it a day, it is actually much more labor intensive than meets the eye. If you’re seeding an entire lawn, it can take years to achieve the same density as a fresh cut roll of sod. During these few years, your seeded lawn will require watering, proper sunlight and even reseeding. Time is money after all and sod installation requires only a month or so before a perfect lawn is achieved! I often tell customers that sod farms exist for a reason. Grass is HARD to grow from seed.

Sod Ground Cover Solution
Sod vs. Seed. The results speak for themselves.

Wind, erosion, and dust can damage the seed once it has been spread. Wind does not affect sod, but it actually helps to control erosion and dust issues! It is hard to grow seed on steep or awkwardly shaped areas, and water runoff will wash away the seed. Sod is fully mature upon installation, making it an effective method for controlling soil erosion. With sod, there is no exposure of the ground beneath, eliminating dust and mud problems.

Sod Ground Cover Solution

Hydro-Seeding Doesn’t Come Close to Sod Either…

Another labour-intensive ground cover solution is hydro-seeding. It too requires careful monitoring in order to achieve the same results as a sod installation. Exposure to the air and rain still causes erosion even though the paper-mulch maintains moisture around the seeds much longer than traditional seeding. Wind and water erosion are two of the main culprits in every failed seeding project. Even though hydro-seeding gives your seed a leg-up immediately following the application, the benefits begin to wear off as time goes on. Aesthetically, hydro-seeding typically produces a less-attractive stand of turf and it provides many opportunities for weeds to take hold.

Sod Ground Cover Solution

Astro-Turf Requires Maintenance, But Worse Than Sod.

This final ground cover solution almost pains me to discuss… Artificial turf has continued to grow in popularity, despite numerous efforts to educate the public on the downsides. Studies show an increase in the number of injuries during competitive sports matches due to the use of artificial turf, also known as astro-turf. Many European soccer teams won’t even play on an artificial field. The negative aspects of astro-turf go much further than sports injuries: heat, carcinogenic fumes, and frequent maintenance/repairs are just a few. The flashy promises like “never mow again” or “it’s maintenance free” from artificial turf companies are misleading. While you won’t have to mow, you have to keep it clean and fresh. The colours fade, the mat deteriorates, and harsh chemicals are required to clean it… I think I’ll stick with all-natural turf.

Sod Ground Cover Solution

Sod can even help increase the value of your house by up to 15-20%. If you are in the process of selling your property, having a nice, carpet-like lawn can be a selling factor for some homebuyers! It showcases your property nicely, as well as showing that you have taken proper care of your home. If you have children, turf creates a comfortable and safe play space as opposed to a patio or concrete area.

Sod Ground Cover Solution

For tips on how to properly install sod, we have an easy 7-step guide to ensure that you achieve the best lawn possible! You are just weeks away from a picture-perfect lawn!

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4 Responses

  1. I had no idea that laying down sod on your lawn was a great way to increase the value of your property. Thanks for mentioning how sod can make grass grow super quickly; it can even grow within a month! My husband and I are planning on moving, so we are looking into sod services to make our property look that much more beautiful and sellable.

    • Cameron Shimoda says:

      Hey Ashley! Excellent idea to improve the value of your home! It is definitely a selling point for a particular type of home buyer and it could be the deal breaker. 🙂 Happy that our article can be of some help!

  2. I like how sodding can benefit you from increasing your home’s value by achieving those healthy grasses in your lawn making a good impression to the buyers. My hubby and I are planning to renovate our home for our plans of selling it in the near future. We have such a wide lawn garden and it will be great if an expert does sodding in it to make sure that the grasses grow healthy and evenly; it will surely be pleasing to the eyes because it complements the color of our house. I’ll make sure to talk to my hubby first before looking for an expert who will sod the lawn and convert it to luscious greens!

    • Cameron Shimoda says:

      Fresh sod is fantastic way too boost the value of your home! Experts will definitely help you achieve the perfect lawn in the shortest amount of time, but don’t sell yourself short. The perfect lawn is easier to achieve than most people think, it’s all about the preparation. Be sure to check out this article too all about preparing your site before install!

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