Autumn Sod Installations: Ideal Timing

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  1. Brian L. French says:

    I need to sod my back yard prepping house for sale – 15 ft x 45 ft. Have a large spruce tree near center.
    How soon can an installation be done at what cost.

    • Cameron Shimoda says:

      Hey Brian,

      We actually don’t perform installations, but we do provide the sod for whoever you hire to complete the project! If you call your local turf farm, they are sure to have some landscapers on file that can give you a quote and book your job!

      All the best,


  2. Lydia says:

    Hi, i am trying to estimate how much Sod i need to buy to cover my entire backyard, approximately 1000Square feets. Can u help me estimate. And cost for it?

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