DIY Yard Games: Keeping Your Kids Occupied Outside

The first couple weeks of Summer holidays are easy to fill with outdoor activities. Thanks to OrderSodNow, you’ve got a gorgeous new green space to enjoy! As a result, your kids are so excited to be home all day and play around on the grass. The ways to keep them busy are seemingly endless! But then, as the days wear on, you start hearing things like “there’s nothing to do” or “I’m bored”. Finding new ways to get your kiddos enjoying your lawn can be tricky. How about getting them involved in some DIY Yard Games? They’re sure to love the DIY part and who doesn’t love an exciting yard game?!

DIY Yard Games Grass Sod Online Turf Yard Lawn

DIY Yard Games for the Whole Family

The time commitment and work that your littles will put into these projects will give them great satisfaction. They’ll love showing off their handiwork to their grandparents, friends, and neighbors. And while your kids won’t be able to operate the power tools, any of these options could use a bit of paint to spruce them up and make them unique!

Giant Jenga®

One of the most famous DIY yard games is Giant Jenga┬«. This game is simple to play and relatively easy to make. It’s also very easy to move from one yard to another in the event of a garden party or barbecue. Simply stack the pieces carefully in an old milk crate or wooden box.

How To:

Cut six 8 foot 2x4s into 54 uniform pieces 10.5 inches long. Next, be sure to sand them down carefully so they’re nice and smooth and, if you want, finish them off with paint or stain. Alternatively, your older kids could help with the sanding, and I bet the younger ones would love to help paint!

DIY Yard Games  Grass Sod Online Turf Yard Lawn


Begin by stacking the blocks. Lay three blocks side-by-side to create the base. On top of that, lay three block side-by-side perpendicular to the base. Continue this pattern for 18 levels until you have no blocks left.

Take turns pulling one block from any level of the tower and place it on the top of the tower carefully. (Make it trickier for your older kids by encouraging them to use only one hand.) The object of the game is to not let any of the blocks fall. You’ve lost the game once one of the blocks or the entire tower falls during your turn.

Extra Tip:

Keep in mind that the wood pieces could hurt if they hit you as they fall. Make sure all of the players are wearing closed-toe shoes. This way, if you forget to jump out of the way when the tower starts to tumble, you won’t hurt your toes.


This one of our DIY yard games has been around for many years. Corn-Hole is a great game for kids to play because the difficulty level can be easily adjusted. The game involves two scoreboards with a single hole set up across from each other. If you want to adjust for smaller children, simply shrink the distance between the boards.

DIY Yard Games Grass Sod Online Turf Yard Lawn

How To:

Cut two identical pieces of plywood to approximately 48″ x 24″ with a hole approximately 6″ in diameter near the top of the boards. Elevate the top of the board on a concrete block or brick. The boards should be facing each other at a distance of approximately 30 feet.


Make two teams. Players take turns tossing bean bags at the board. Award each toss that goes in the hole 3 points and each toss that lands on the board 1 point. You can continue playing until one team reaches 21 points.


Kerplunk is a game for kids which is normally played indoors on a smaller scale. While the smaller version is great for rainy days, you can take full advantage of your gorgeous lawn with this bigger version! This game will likely become one of you and your kids’ favorite DIY yard games.

Grass Sod Online Turf Lawn

How To:

Cut a piece of chicken wire into a sheet about 3′ x 8′. Roll this sheet into a tube that stands 3 feet tall. Fasten the edges together with a bit of wire. Cut 1/4 inch dowels to a length of about 3 feet long. Make anywhere between 20 and 40 dowels. Get your kiddos to help paint the dowels different colors.


First, stand the tube on its end and feed the dowels through the mesh to create a web inside the tube. Next, fill the top of the chicken wire tube with S-Hooks from your local hardware store or on Amazon. Finally, take turns pulling the dowels out of the tube one at a time while trying to avoid dropping any S-Hooks. Collect any hooks that fall during your turn. The person who has collected the fewest number of hooks at the end of the game wins!

DIY Yard Games Grass Sod Online Turf Yard Lawn

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space with DIY Yard Games

Getting your kids involved with these DIY yard games is a great way to get them engaging and spending time outside in your gorgeous green outdoor space. There are so many different ways to enjoy your yard! Because of this, we could only outline a few of our favorites. If you’re concerned about using power tools to cut the wood down to size, keep in mind certain hardware stores will pre-cut your wood for you. This can make the process much faster and easier on you.

Whatever you do, don’t let those kids say “I’m bored” again! Help them find new ways to enjoy the gorgeous green grass and warm Summer weather!

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