Water-Conscious Lawn Care: Save Money on Water!

As much as you love having a gorgeous verdant lawn to enjoy in the warm weather, watering it can sometimes be a bit of a pain – metaphorically, but also financially. So how do you make sure you get the best bang for your buck when it comes to watering? To tweak the phrase, water smarter, not harder. Water-conscious lawn care can help you do just that.

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When to Water

First off, water in the cool of the day – early in the morning or in the evening. If you water during the heat of the day, the water will evaporate before it can do your lawn much good. However, be sure you do not water your lawn too late in the evening. The grass needs time to dry before nightfall. Otherwise, excess moisture will provide excellent conditions for lawn fungus to take hold.

Next, your lawn does not need to be watered every day. A little sprinkle daily doesn’t really do much in the long run. Instead, it’s much better to do a good, deep soak (about 1” to 1.5”) two or three times a week. Plus, if Mother Nature has already taken care of one of the waterings for you, all the better. Watering your lawn deeply will encourage root growth. This will allow your grass to access water that is found deeper in the soil. 

Save the Water for Your Water-Conscious Lawn Care

Speaking of Mother Nature’s contributions, rain barrels are huge money savers in the long run. These great contraptions for catching rain water are easy to DIY. They are also a great help to your water-conscious lawn care. If water is falling from the sky for free, why not save it for a dry day, rather than spend your hard-earned dollars turning on the hose.

Similarly, if you have gray water in your house (say from a dehumidifier or if you decide to clean out your ice maker), you can use it on your lawn. There’s no need to throw it needlessly down the drain. In addition, if you need hot water on tap and need to wait for the tap to heat up, save that water in a watering can or bucket. Your grass will thank you for it! Your water-conscious lawn care is well on its way!

Be Strategic! 

When you’re watering your lawn, be strategic about the placement of your sprinkler. How many times have you walked down the sidewalk in a neighborhood and had to step out of the way of an ill-placed sprinkler? Position your sprinkler so that you’re not watering your sidewalk, deck, or driveway. Also, if you have shaded or lower-lying areas that don’t need the help, don’t waste your water resources there. The shade reduces evaporation and low-lying areas are often watered by runoff from higher areas. Focus on only watering the parts of your lawn that actually need it.

Water-Conscious Lawn Care Experts

Watering your lawn is an important part of lawn care, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. With these water-conscious lawn care tips, you’ll have a gorgeous green lawn without the extra costs!

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